About Ceca Foundation

Our Mission

The Ceca Foundation was established, in 2013, to celebrate caregiver excellence.  Our mission is to promote high patient satisfaction by recognizing and rewarding outstanding caregivers. Ceca is a 501(c)3 Private Operating Foundation, devoting its resources to the active conduct of charitable activities.

Did You Know?
Ceca’s name is formed from “Celebrating caregivers”, and is pronounced see´-ka.

Ceca Caregiver Award Program

The Ceca Foundation Caregiver Award ProgramCeca Award honorees are chosen from nominations submitted on CecaAward.org or through the Ceca Award mobile app. These stories of extraordinary acts of caregiving are sent in by peers, managers, patients, residents and/or loved ones.

A panel of judges meets each month, or quarter, to select the honoree. The panel is made up of members from the partner healthcare facility, the Ceca Foundation and a patient or resident advocate of the partner facility.

Ceca celebrates honorees with a $250 award* and features them on our CecaTVs. These web-enabled monitors are placed in high traffic areas within each partner facility. They are used to recognize past winners, display recent nominations and communicate customized messaging.

 *Award level can be customized on a per facility basis and is subject to change based on evaluations.

 Ceca Foundation Healthcare Partners

About Ceca Foundation - Ceca Healthcare PartnersCeca Foundation partners with healthcare providers of varying care models. These include hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and rehabilitation facilities. We provide all of our partners with a variety of metrics to gauge the program’s impact.  The award program has been effective in institutions with as few as 50 full-time staff members.  Click Here – for a list of Ceca Healthcare Partners.

Based on the success we’ve seen in the DC-metro are, we are expanding our awards program. Healthcare providers are encouraged to apply using our inquiry form – Click Here.

By The Numbers

11,500+ Nominations

Submitted through Ceca’s online platform

3,000+ Caregivers

Recognized at Ceca Healthcare Partners

30%+ Recognition

Of staff at partner organizations each year