Program Cost

Depending on the type of program, organizations pay an annual Network Fee. While Ceca Foundation underwrites most operational and development costs for the program, the Network Fee helps to offset the cost of monetary awards, recognition software, hardware to support one web-enabled CecaTV monitor, program materials, account management, and marketing support. The cost depends on two factors: the frequency of your Ceca Award (quarterly or monthly) and your type of healthcare community.


Our full-service Ceca Award Program starts at just $200 a month! That’s less than buying every employee a cup of coffee each month.


Discounts are available to multi-location care communities.

Larger organizations with supporting Foundations may choose that their charitable affiliate co-finance the award and other program costs. Ceca continues to invest in its human and technical infrastructure, and recruits a growing base of local volunteers to participate in Award selection panels and presentations.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ceca Award and becoming a Healthcare Partner or Foundation Partner, please contact us.

*Depending on hardware preferences, there may be a need to mount and provide power and network access to the CecaTV monitor. Additional CecaTVs can also be sourced by Ceca at cost.