The Ceca Award for Hospitals

The Challenge

According to the American Hospital Association, a primary reason for job dissatisfaction and a contributing factor to burnout among nurses and other caregivers is lack of appreciation from management.

Dissatisfaction and burnout will eventually lead to turnover among caregivers who feel overworked and underappreciated, and negatively impact critical quality of care metrics.

It is increasingly essential for healthcare leadership to have the right tools and comprehensive support in order to effectively engage employees and retain them for the long-term.

It’s no secret that turnover can be very costly, especially in an industry where margins are already low. For hospitals “the average cost of turnover for a bedside RN ranges from $36,900 to $57,300” which can result in million+ dollar losses. Any marginal decrease in turnover will mean significant savings toward the bottom line. (Source: 2015 National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report, Nursing Solutions, Inc.)

Even if you’re able to retain key clinical staff, with over one-half of physicians and one-third of nurses experiencing symptoms of burnout, there will be increased medical errors, higher rates of patient mortality, and an increase in hospital-transmitted infections. (Source: Burnout in United States Healthcare Professionals: A Narrative Review, NCBI)

The Takeaway: Burnout and turnover are not good for business.

Be an organization that caregivers WANT to work for!

The Role of Engagement

Engagement defined

Engaged employees are willing to go above and beyond to solve problems—often without being asked to do so. Engaged employees view their work as a calling and feel a sense of belonging at their organizations. They give maximum effort and strive to see their companies succeed. (Source:

Research has long shown a correlation between overall engagement and turnover. According to the PRC study, there is also a strong overlap between caregiver engagement and better patient experiences.

So if turnover is a major challenge for hospitals, and better patient experiences are desired, what can be done about it?

As Harvard Business Review noted from a Press Ganey analysis, “Hospitals that improve over time in distinct HCAHPS survey measures of patient experience or employee engagement also see improvement in patients’ global ratings of their care…the data reveal that there can be a compounding effect when organizations improve in both experience and engagement measures simultaneously.”

The Solution

Recognition is a top driver of engagement

Your organization needs a recognition program that keeps employees engaged and whose success doesn’t fall solely on the shoulders of your upper management team. This will lead to improved patient experiences and quality of care—both of which have a direct impact on your bottom line. At Ceca Foundation, we believe there is a “secret sauce” to impactful recognition and that programs should be able to check these boxes.

The Ceca Award is a cohesive and collaborative solution for your employee engagement needs with proven results, an operational support model, and easy-to-use technology platform to back it.

How It Works

A coworker, resident, patient, family member or guest who is moved to recognize a caregiver, logs into the website.


They write a small story about the person they wish to recognize.

They click a button to submit and they are done!

That person is now eligible for a monthly or quarterly Ceca Award, including a $250 monetary award and increased public recognition when nominations and award celebration photos are posted on CecaTV for everyone to see.

Why the Ceca Award?

Manage Program Operations and Year-to-Year Continuity


Ceca provides the focus and critical resources
to make sure your engagement initiative stands the test of time.

Broad Adoption and Easy to Use Technology


Our unique technology platform encourages “360° recognition” across departments and every stakeholder in your care community can participate.

Passion for Caregiver Excellence


As a mission-drive nonprofit, we share your commitment to providing an exceptional experience for those who come to you for care.

If you would like to re-energize your employee engagement and recognition efforts, Ceca is here to help. Our industry expertise, accountability in operating your program, and innovative recognition tools can lead to a positive impact on your caregivers and patients.

See what our partners and honorees are saying about the Ceca Award, and watch our overview to learn more. Pricing is available for monthly or quarterly award programs for hospitals, and we offer multi-facility and healthcare system/network discounts. Please reach out to us at or apply online to be our next partner.