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Our Philosophy

Given the state of the healthcare industry and recent disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is abundantly clear: Organizations can never do enough to give thanks to their team members.


The #1 reason people leave is because of lack of recognition at work. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Ceca’s program is based on the power of recognition. We believe that all workers have a fundamental need for appreciation and a sense of belonging to help them reach their potential. We believe that peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful motivator and is one of the best ways to honor co-workers and encourage engagement. We believe that engaged workers with positive attitudes perform at higher levels, leading to improved patient care and better patient experience.

Our Process

Ceca’s Caregiver Award Program centers around the idea that positive reinforcement is important and can come in many different forms. Our program is designed to recognize, celebrate, and reward caregivers who have been nominated for exceptional patient care. Ceca’s online peer-to-peer recognition system makes frequent, meaningful recognition easy. Every day, our Healthcare Partners’ staff, as well as members of the cared-for community, recognize the contributions of caregivers by making nominations through a secure website. A caregiver who is moved to recognize one of their peers logs-on to the system and clicks a button to make a nomination, or a patient, resident, guest, or family member uses a secure guest portal to do the same. A nomination automatically makes the recipient eligible for the Ceca Award (see below).

Nominations appear on the Healthcare Partner’s CecaAward.org website and are displayed on a centrally-located CecaTV monitor in the facility for everyone to see. Approximately a third of Ceca Healthcare Partner staff are recognized publicly through the program each year.

The Ceca Award

Nominations are tracked by the system and evaluated by a panel of judges made up of Ceca representatives, our Healthcare Partner representatives, and the cared-for community. At the end of the nomination period, the panel of judges reviews the posts and chooses that period’s Ceca Award Honoree who best exemplifies qualities of empathy, humor, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork in treating patient residents. Aside from the genuine respect and positive recognition from peers and patients, monthly and quarterly Honorees additionally receive a $250 prize.

While the financial rewards are designed to be meaningful, the Ceca Award is fundamentally about the priceless recognition given by fellow staff members. Together, with patients and their families, Ceca seeks to celebrate and thank caregivers for their outstanding work.

Caregiver Recognition Tools

computer-trainingCeca Foundation provides a variety of tools to participating healthcare institutions to implement its caregiver recognition program. These include:

CecaAward.org – An accessible, easy-to-use online system, that enables caregivers, patients, and their families to recognize outstanding caregivers, and nominate them for the Ceca Award. To view the software enabling Ceca Award nominations, click here.

Ceca Award App – Smartphone applications for iPhone and Android that allow caregivers to submit recognition for their peers on-the-go and smartphone-training-2-with-imagewhenever they experience a “Ceca Moment.”

CecaTV – Ceca powers a proprietary application displayed on prominently placed TV monitors at partner healthcare facilities. This communication tool announces Honorees, shows summaries of nominations and photos of nominees, and promotes caregiver education and engagement.

Evaluation Tools – Reporting and analysis that tracks the number and nature of award cecas-program-the-ceca-award-clappingnominations that are used by the Judge Panel to select Ceca Award winners.

Feedback and Measurement Tools – Polling software that enables measurement of the program’s effectiveness and blind-pool comparisons to other institutions.

On-Site Training – To introduce the management and staff of participating healthcare institutions to our recognition process, tools, and best practices.

Best Practices – Continuous coaching and forums among participating healthcare institutions that share experiences and practices that promote success with the program.

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