The Theory Behind Employee Engagement & Recognition in Healthcare

Staff recognition should be a key component of your healthcare employee morale, engagement, retention and recruitment efforts. The importance of recognition in healthcare communities is supported by decades of research. Nate Hamme, President of Ceca Foundation, has provided educational and engaging presentations to healthcare professionals that help them both understand the problem and identify actionable solutions for addressing the issue of turnover and disengagement in healthcare. Watch this recorded presentation below he gave to the Ohio Health Care Association during the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Recognition to Reduce Turnover

Staff turnover, particularly among direct care providers, is a top concern for healthcare executives and leadership. Research abounds with evidence to support the use of peer-to-peer recognition programs as a means of improving employee engagement, and ultimately, the patient experience.

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Resources on Employee Engagement & Recognition

Below are several publications we have cultivated over the years from prominent sources in the industry that provide valuable research and information on the importance of employee engagement and recognition in the workplace.