Technology & Tools

Ceca Foundation provides a technological portfolio for participating partners to use for their recognition program that is included in the turn-key managed program. The tools and technology included in the package ensure that your employee recognition program is optimized for today’s workforce.

Regardless of your healthcare community size and whether or not you have one staff person or a whole department that oversees HR and employee recognition functions, the Ceca Award is truly a one-size-fits all solution.

Online Platform is an accessible, easy-to-use online platform that enables anyone to recognize outstanding caregivers and nominate them for the Ceca Award in real-time. The platform also includes an administrative section for program managers and top executives to access reporting, management features, and streamlined employee information uploads.

Ceca’s proprietary system allows healthcare staff to securely access their organization’s award site, while also facilitating input from the cared for community

Once logged in, staff members can recognize their peers, read other stories of exceptional acts of caregiving, and track their activity and organizational participation

Staff members enter or select the name of the peer they would like to recognize, choose the essential Caregiver Values their nominee exhibited, and describe the act of exceptional care

Each caregiver has their own profile where they can view nominations they have given and received, and update their personal information, including photo

To facilitate better interactions between teams and departments, caregivers may view pictures and profiles of other staff members and learn more about their peers

Announcements about the program can be made by website administrators, and can also notify staff via email of other important initiatives, deadlines or events

Mobile App

We understand that many of your team members are primarily on the floors or in remote care settings serving your clients. This means they are rarely sitting at a desk in front of a computer. So we developed the free Ceca Award mobile app for iPhone and Android, making it easy for caregivers to nominate a peer on-the-go and whenever they experience a “Ceca Moment.” This is especially important to encourage participation of non-clinical departments and employees, as well as for caregivers working with in-home care organizations.


Ceca powers a proprietary application displayed on prominently placed TV monitors at partner organizations. This communication tool announces honorees, shows summaries of nominations and photos of nominees, and promotes education and engagement. Partners receive one CecaTV monitor as part of the program, but additional ones can be purchased. Integration with existing digital signage is also available.

On-Demand Training

Training is available to introduce program managers and staff of partner organizations to the Ceca recognition process, tools, and best practices. Ceca also holds quarterly trainings for program managers that is made available on-demand afterward for anyone not able to attend live.

Evaluation Tools

The platform utilizes built-in reporting and analysis that tracks the number and nature of nominations that are used by the Selection Panel to determine Ceca Award recipients. Additionally, Ceca provides and administers polling software that enables measurement of the program’s effectiveness and a variety of other data points. Ceca then provides customized analysis and a report to each partner organization with personalized metrics and a blind-pool comparison to other similar institutions to help guide strategic decisions.

Digital Marketing

In addition to the CecaTV screens, Ceca provides a variety of digital marketing resources available for outreach and promotion of the program, not only at launch, but ongoing throughout the year. Materials are designed to be used the way your facility operates best and can be shared digitally (in newsletters, TVs, emails, patient emails) or printed (for easy placement near guest comment boxes, handouts during team roundups, discharge packets). Ceca also actively shares content and engages with partners on social media channels and provides media and PR opportunities as partnerships progress.