The Ceca Platform

Ceca uses proprietary software to enable caregivers, as well as patients, residents and loved ones, to make nominations for each period’s award.

Ceca’s proprietary system allows healthcare staff to securely access their organization’s award site, while also facilitating input from the cared for community

Once logged in, staff members can recognize their peers, read other stories of exceptional acts of caregiving, and track their activity and organizational participation

Staff members enter or select the name of the peer they would like to recognize, choose the essential Caregiver Values their nominee exhibited, and describe the act of exceptional care

Each caregiver has their own profile where they can view nominations they have given and received, and update their personal information, including photo

To facilitate better interactions between teams and departments, caregivers may view pictures and profiles of other staff members and learn more about their peers

Announcements about the program can be made by website administrators, and can also notify staff via email of other important initiatives, deadlines or events

Mobile Apps

The software runs on any web-enabled PC, laptop, or workstation. Additionally, Ceca has developed mobile applications for iPhone and Android, available for download in their respective app marketplaces.


Web-enabled CecaTV monitors are placed in high-traffic locations around each facility to recognize past winners, display recent nominations, and communicate customized messaging.