“The Ceca Award Program is the best—it moves lives and makes a huge difference.”

Steven Nash

President/CEO, Stoddard Baptist Global Care

“Providence Place has always put our residents first. And we feel strongly that our team members—from Resident Life Associates, to Community Life Directors, to our Dining and Housekeeping teams —are on the front lines providing that compassionate care on which we pride ourselves. Partnering with Ceca allows us to publicly recognize our co-workers for going above and beyond in service of the residents and families who walk through our doors. And the Ceca team ensures that, no matter the challenges we’ve faced during the Covid crisis, we continue to recognize and honor their contributions to making our communities best-in-class for those we serve.”

Rick Barley

Former Vice President of Operations, Providence Place Senior Living

“Ceca’s mission fits perfectly in-line with our goal of providing exceptional, compassionate care for our residents. Our staff deserves to be recognized when they fulfill that goal, and Ceca is there every step of the way helping manage the program.”

La'Kesha McAllister

Vice President of Administration, Carroll Manor (Ascension Health)

“They opened the door, and there was a celebration for me! Honestly, I just do my job every day–doing what I need to do for the residents. But it’s rewarding to be recognized.”

Michelle Stull

Head of Housekeeping, Providence Place Senior Living

Honoree Spotlight

“When I got the award it made me feel good…Being in IT sometimes people don’t realize that, you know, we don’t interact too much with the patients like the nurses and doctors, but we all really do care about the patients and everything that we’re doing is for the patients. So, for me to get the award it was like, (it) represents the whole IT department. That they know that even though we’re in the background, we do care about the patients, we love them, and we’re trying to do our best to make them happy.

Michael Chin

Network Engineer, Doctors Community Hospital

“While our honorees welcome the cash award, it’s the recognition from their peers that really moves them. We’ve had more than 35 percent of our staff receive nominations. That’s incredible reach!”

Malene Davis

Chief Visionary Officer & Founding President, West Virginia Caring

“This recognition means the world! Finally someone gets to see what we do… there’s so much more to what we bring to the hospital, and it means the world because we do a lot to go above and beyond”

Olivia Plummer

Unit Clerk, Doctors Community Hospital

“Just as we advocate for our nursing, assisted living, and personal care member organizations, Ceca advocates for the nurses, housekeepers, food service workers and more who care for our nation’s sick, injured and elderly. We firmly believe that exceptional care starts with cultivating an exceptional workforce. Our partnership with Ceca is based on a shared passion for giving Pennsylvania’s patients and long-term care residents the highest quality of care and supporting the healthcare heroes who provide it.”

Pete Tartline

Former COO/Executive VP, Pennsylvania Health Care Association

“Being selected is one to the highlights of my career. The Ceca Award is truly a valuable, powerful program, because it shows the employee that they are valued by the organization, and that’s speaking from the heart.”

Joyce Roberson, RN MSN CIC

Infection Control Manager, Providence Hospital

“I think the Ceca Program is wonderful. It builds morale and makes the quiet yet hard workers feel important and appreciated. It also it a great way to learn more about your colleagues. Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected ‘thank you’ to continue your mission.”

Carolyn Rosca

Occupational Therapist, Providence Hospital

“It’s important for everyone to feel good about what they do in life. For caregivers in the not-for-profit world, it is very important to have that good feeling because, clearly, they are not in this important industry just for the money. So recognition, respect and gratitude are alternate currencies that go a long way to reward these critical caregivers by making them feel good about what they do in life. They are indeed our ‘better angels’ and the Ceca Foundation helps us to recognize exactly that! Ceca Foundation – you do noble work! Thank you!”

Dennis G.

Resident, Ceca Healthcare Partner Facility

Honoree Spotlight

“But when a resident nominates you it’s a little more impressive than just you know the peers nominating you. And, um, I felt like, ‘wow that was pretty cool’. This is actually just our jobs this is what we’re supposed to do. But it felt good that, you know, that he felt I had done a really good job for him. And that’s really what counts.

Letronn Woods

Resident Care Coordinator, Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence

“I can’t say enough good things about Ceca. We have been able to recognize employees from multiple departments (Nursing, Social Service, Dietary, Administration) because of their generous contributions. Residents love to see the recognition that is bestowed upon their favorite caregivers. Ceca has helped to make our culture one of support and recognition, that transcends all job categories and departments. The system is user friendly, and the phone app makes it convenient for all to participate. In addition the staff of Ceca are warm and caring, and are considered part of our work family!”

Kay Halverson

Former Executive Director, Mary Marshall Assisted Living/Volunteers of America

“The Ceca Award Program is great! It’s wonderful to get confirmation from your colleagues that you’re on the right path, and that path is taking care of patients to the best of my abilities.”

Van Trinh

Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctors Community Hospital

“Our staff values the program and Ceca oversees the entire process. It’s a great opportunity to recognize the high quality, mission-driven work of our caregivers.”

Darcy Burthay

Former CEO, Ascension Health

“I believe each generation should stand on the shoulders of the one before and reach out to the next one and teach this generation the wisdom that came before them. This is my opportunity to share my life, my resources, my principles and my wisdom that came from the generation before me. The Ceca Foundation teaches us how to care for others, how to show appreciation for others, how to let others know about others in a most appreciative and respectful way.”

Lutricia Lewis-Quarles

Director of Cosmetology Services, Stoddard Baptist

“To be nominated and acknowledged in front of my peers was entirely rewarding. There are no words for being recognized by others in your field, and family members of residents. In my case, many of those members of staff have not only been doing their line of work for far longer, but I look up to them and admire them. To have them all smiling at me while being pinned, was most definitely a favorite moment in this chapter of my life. For a young professional, it also helps you to feel that your feet are walking the right path, with a great deal of social support. There are those who work tirelessly for their patients/ residents, to provide them with moments of joy as well as a high quality of life. To have a program that goes out of their way to acknowledge these unseen heroes, and to give them recognition in front of their peers as well as higher levels of staff, is simply invaluable.”

Jessica Herpst

Activities Assistant, Knollwood Life Plan Community