What are your thoughts on the Ceca Award Program?

“I think the Ceca Program is wonderful. It builds morale and makes the quiet yet hard workers feel important and appreciated. It also it a great way to learn more about your colleagues.”

What did it feel like to be nominated by one of your peers?

“It felt great! … I just felt that I was doing my job, nothing above and beyond. To have two people recognize that was an honor and just reinforced my personal mission to always take time to help those in need.  Because I wasn’t recognized by a direct supervisor, it made it even that much more of an honor that someone is watching or listening and cares about what I do. Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected “thank you” to continue your mission.”

How did it feel to be selected as a monthly honoree?

“To be selected was a surprise. Out of all the employees that do such great work here, I didn’t think I would have been chosen. As humble as I feel about being selected, I also feel motivated to lead by example. An action I deemed as ‘standard practice’ was seen as ‘exceptional’, and I hope that it only motivates more people to do the same if they are in my position.”

Carolyn Rosca

Occupational Therapist, Providence Hospital

On being nominated:

“It is one to the highlights of my career. The Ceca Award…is truly a valuable, powerful program, because it shows the employee that they are valued by the organization, and that’s speaking from the heart.”

Joyce Roberson, RN MSN CIC

Infection Control Manager, Providence Hospital

On the program:

“Ceca is the best—it moves lives and makes a huge difference.”

Steven Nash

President/CEO, Stoddard Baptist Global Care

On being nominated:

“To be nominated and acknowledged in front of my peers was entirely rewarding, and in a word, surreal. Being somewhat new to my facility (just celebrated my 1-year anniversary in may) there are no words for being recognized by others in your field, and family members of residents. In my case, many of those members of staff have not only been doing their line of work for far longer, but I look up to them and admire them. To have them all smiling at me while being pinned, was most definitely a favorite moment in this chapter of my life. For a young professional, it also helps you to feel that your feet are walking the right path, with a great deal of social support.”

On the Ceca Award program:

“There are those who work tirelessly for their patients/ residents, to provide them with moments of joy as well as a high quality of life. To have a program that goes out of their way to acknowledge these unseen heroes, and to give them recognition in front of their peers as well as higher levels of staff, is simply invaluable.”

Jessica Herpst

Knollwood Military Retirement Community

On the award:

“This is a great award, which recognizes associates for going above and beyond to assist patients, their families, and even your fellow associates.”

Duane Erwin

President/CEO, Providence Hospital

On the Awards program:

“It’s great! It’s wonderful to get confirmation from your colleagues that you’re on the right path, and that path is taking care of patients to the best of my abilities.”

Van Trinh

Doctors Community Hospital

On the awards program:

“I believe each generation should stand on the shoulders of the one before and reach out to the next one and teach this generation the wisdom that came before them. This is my opportunity to share my life, my resources, my principles and my wisdom that came from the generation before me. The Ceca Foundation teaches us how to care for others, how to show appreciation for others, how to let others know about others in a most appreciative and respectful way.”

Lutricia Lewis-Quarles

Stoddard Baptist