Sponsorship Opportunities

A sponsorship with Ceca Foundation is a unique, high-profile opportunity. It not only aligns your organization with Ceca’s values of philanthropy, caregiving best practices, and empathetic caregiving, but it also provides unparalleled brand exposure.

Ceca offers two opportunities for sponsorship:

  • Marketing Sponsor(s) aim to promote their brand image and benefit from their association with caregivers in local communities. Marketing Sponsors may be companies with health-related products or services that do not compete with our healthcare partners. Benefits could include attribution on a variety of Ceca’s digital platforms, such as our website, social media channels, our proprietary CecaTV technology in each of our partner facilities, and more.
  • Affiliated Sponsor(s) desire to designate funding support of the Ceca Award Program at a specific healthcare partner’s facility or set of facilities. Affiliated Sponsor(s) may be foundations, companies, or other substantial donors who are already associated with the healthcare partner. This Sponsorship enables our healthcare partners to collaborate on joint fundraising initiatives that stem from the Ceca Award. Benefits for Affiliated Sponsors could include certain naming rights for designated annual awards, or a role in monthly or quarterly Ceca Award ceremonies.

For information on how your organization can support Ceca Foundation, please inquire by emailing Nathan Hamme.

Ceca also welcomes other proposals from a variety of organizations such as corporations, foundations or nonprofits, and local businesses which operate in the same communities as our healthcare partners. Individuals who are interested in supporting Ceca’s efforts to celebrate exceptional caregivers across the nation may make a monetary contribution on our donate page.


Ceca Foundation has been designated as a 501(c)3 public charity, eligible for tax exempt donations, grants, and sponsorships. We are dedicated to financial transparency and hold a Platinum Seal from GuideStar, a leading US financial information and best practices service for nonprofits. Learn more about our IRS filings and financials, leadership and governance, and program results and partners.