The Ceca Award for Hospice & Homecare

Harness the power of communication to promote teamwork in your distributed workforce

The Challenge

Hospice and homecare organizations provide their services as individual caregivers or in small teams, generally outside a central office. This presents significant challenges for leadership teams in team-building, strengthening employee morale, and cultivating employer loyalty. When care is provided without peers or direct oversight, how can your team members feel that you are supporting them?

In addition to a challenging management model, hospice and homecare workers find themselves under significant pressure in a taxing emotional environment. It requires sustained and frequent contact with families who are undergoing a significant shift in the care plans and capabilities of their loved ones. Difficult communications and interactions with highly invested clients is not a natural conduit for positive feedback and can leave caregivers feeling disengaged.

Be an organization that caregivers WANT to work for!

“Ceca’s programming has helped augment the company’s culture of gratitude. It has also encouraged teammates, clients and others to highlight the good works of Arosa’s care professionals through nominations. As we continue to bring on new teammates, sharing the purpose and impact of the Ceca Awards has been a core component of our onboarding.”

Ari Medoff

CEO, Arosa

The Role of Engagement

Engagement defined

Engaged employees are willing to go above and beyond to solve problems—often without being asked to do so. Engaged employees view their work as a calling and feel a sense of belonging at their organizations. They give maximum effort and strive to see their companies succeed. (Source:

Research has long shown a correlation between overall engagement and turnover. According to the PRC study, there is also a strong overlap between caregiver engagement and better patient experiences.

So if turnover is a major challenge for hospice and homecare providers, and better patient experiences are desired, what can be done about it?

“Ceca came highly recommended to us by a neighboring hospice organization. We had tried recognition programs in the past, but with offices all around the state and caregivers in hundreds of homes, it was a real challenge. Ceca gave us the tools, ready to launch from day one, to build a strong culture of recognition while also encouraging a team mindset. The work our employees do is exceptional, but we rarely get the opportunity to witness it first-hand. With the Ceca Award, we see inspiring stories coming in every month, and it helps us share what we’re all about with both our employees and our patients and families. The Ceca Team gives us an organized and established system of recognition, but one that enables us to feel ‘in control’ and the recognition personal.”

Steve Smith

Vice President of Human Resources, West Virginia Caring

The Solution

Recognition is a top driver of engagement

To address these challenges, the Ceca Award program provides a high-tech solution for the high-touch field of homecare and hospice. Managing a remote workforce requires using technology when in-person meetings are infrequent. Ceca’s online platform and mobile applications make showing appreciation for your team members easy and accessible. They also allow for your clients and families to recognize their own caregivers in an impactful way that connects them to their job.

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