The Ceca Award: A Caregiver Recognition Solution

The Importance of Recognizing Your Teams

Burnout and turnover have long been a challenge for healthcare organizations. But motivating and retaining your team members is about more than providing competitive compensation—it’s about honoring and appreciating them.

The Ceca Award program is a comprehensive and customizable recognition solution for healthcare communities. Ceca provides its partners with an innovative online platform and managed program services that allow organizations to leverage the power of recognition and achieve their quality of care and patient experience objectives.

Centered around the idea that positive reinforcement and engaged employees are imperative to improving the human experience in healthcare, organizations can partner with Ceca to honor the work of their exceptional team members.

The Ceca Award platform is comprised of technology and tools that make it easy to share experiences and stories about extraordinary caregivers, and to celebrate these acts of care, anytime, anywhere.

It is unique in that:

  • Peer-to-peer and cross-department recognition is fostered and encouraged
  • All team members, both clinical and non-clinical, are considered caregivers and eligible for recognition
  • Patients, residents, families and guests can easily recognize those who care for them
  • Ceca Award Honorees receive a $250 monetary award, underwritten by the Foundation
  • Technology, training materials and communications tools are included in the package to ensure program success
  • Our managed program model includes operational and marketing support to build credibility and ensure long-term sustainability
  • Affordable packages can be customized to fit with budgets of all sizes, guaranteeing ROI


Ceca works with healthcare communities all across the country of all sizes, ranging from large national networks to single-location neighborhood care facilities–and everything in-between.

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Our recognition model is essential to the success of the healthcare organizations we partner with, and has proven effective at increasing employee engagement, reducing turnover, and improving quality of care. The more engaged your employees are, the more satisfied your patients will be–which ultimately affects your bottom line. And recognizing your employees the right way is one of the best ways to get them more engaged.

How It Works

A team member, patient/resident, family member or guest who is moved to recognize a caregiver visits the Ceca Award site or mobile app.


They write a short story about the caregiver they wish to recognize, explaining the act of care they received or witnessed.

They click a button to submit, and the recognition is shared both publicly and with the caregiver!

All caregivers recognized through the platform are eligible to receive their community’s Ceca Award, which includes a $250 monetary prize and public recognition during an award ceremony and on CecaTV digital signage.

Why the Ceca Award?

Managed Program and Year-to-Year Continuity


Ceca provides the focus and critical resources
to make sure your engagement initiative stands the test of time.

Broad Adoption and Easy to Use Technology


Our unique technology platform encourages “360° recognition” across departments and every stakeholder in your care community can participate.

Passion for Caregiver Excellence


As a mission-drive nonprofit, we share your commitment to providing an exceptional experience for those who come to you for care.

We also consider ourselves comprehensive, complimentary and cost-effective as compared to any other employee recognition providers in the space. Additionally, the Ceca Award program checks all of the boxes that your organization should strive for in an effective program.


If you would like to re-energize your employee engagement and recognition efforts, Ceca is here to help. Our industry expertise, accountability in operating your program, and innovative recognition tools can lead to a positive impact on your caregivers and your cared for community.

See what our partners and honorees are saying about the Ceca Award, and watch our overview to learn more. Also learn more about the philosophy of recognition and the industry research that our solution is built on.

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