Ceca’s program receives widespread participation, achieves broad public recognition
across departments, improves the caregiver Net Promoter Scores of partner organizations, and reduces turnover among Honorees. Typically, 25-30% of staff in Ceca Healthcare Partner facilities are recognized, and their Net Promoter Score improved by 20% after implementing the program.

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Impact on Culture

There is an old saying that “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.” And in care communities across the country, the adage rings particularly true.

But creating—and nurturing—a culture that makes you a “Best in Class Employer” is no simple task. The Ceca Award Program was founded upon decades of research, and designed to help you enhance the “culture of caring” your organization strives for. The Ceca Tree shows our core philosophy, and what we help you tend and maintain through our partnership. After all, “What you water, grows!”

We help connect your staff to their work, their teammates, and the organizational mission and values. As a result, you can see the fruits of your labor in more engaged employees, higher staff retention, improved quality of care, and a better patient experience for those who walk through your doors.

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