Ceca’s program is founded upon three pillars:

  • Widespread staff participation and recognition, indicating better employee engagement and morale.
  • Improved Caregiver Net Promoter Scores, indicating higher patient/resident satisfaction.
  • Lower turnover for key team members, indicating organizational success in achieving financial and quality of care goals.

Measured by Caregiver Recognition
One third of team members in partner communities are recognized annually, a Gallup measure of employee engagement, with broad recognition across departments and job role.

Measured by Caregiver Net Promoter Score
The Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS) is a measure of reputation. In the marketplace, your reputation is everything. We poll your employees, who are typically more rigorous than patients, to determine your cNPS.

Measured by Caregiver Retention
Recruiting, hiring, training typically costs between $20-60k for a single RN, or 25% of an employee’s annual salary after they’ve moved on.

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​Return on Investment

The connection between employee recognition and employee retention can mean significant savings for your bottom line. The cost of replacing one employee—factoring in recruitment, hiring, onboarding, orientation and lost tenure—can even exceed the position’s annual salary.

Ceca’s program has shown to improve retention of recognized employees by as much as 50%—resulting in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in savings. This return far outweighs the investment in employee recognition and the annual cost of the Ceca Award program.

Impact on Culture

There is an old saying that “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.” And in care communities across the country, the adage rings particularly true.

But creating—and nurturing—a culture that makes you a “Best in Class Employer” is no simple task. The Ceca Award Program was founded upon decades of research, and designed to help you enhance the “culture of caring” your organization strives for. The Ceca Tree shows our core philosophy, and what we help you tend and maintain through our partnership. After all, “What you water, grows!”

Ceca conducts semi-annual surveys of staff members to measure job satisfaction, teamwork, and employer relationships. These surveys indicate incremental improvement in each of the three categories.

By helping to connect your staff to their work, their teammates, and organizational values, you can see the fruits of your labor in more engaged employees, higher staff retention, improved quality of care, and a better patient experience for those who walk through your doors.

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