Ceca’s Philosophy

One thing is abundantly clear in healthcare: Organizations can never do enough to give thanks to their team members.

The lack of recognition or the absence of feeling appreciated is often a catalyst for employee turnover in the healthcare industry. This can lead to higher costs, disengaged employees, and ultimately, decreased quality of care.

At Ceca, we believe:

  • All employees have a fundamental need for appreciation
  • To reach their full potential, feeling a sense of belonging is critical for employees from both teammates and their employer
  • Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful motivator to honor co-workers and encourage engagement
  • Engaged employees perform at higher levels
  • Improved care and experience results from employees having a positive attitude

Our theory of recognition is rooted in the idea of basic human needs that must be fulfilled for one to reach their full potential, as illustrated below by Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” and a workplace version from Beryl Institute called “The Employee Pyramid.” The Ceca Award helps your team members to achieve their highest levels of belonging and self-actualization, which leads to success, transformation, inspiration, and loyalty.

Effect on Culture

Beyond that, we believe that what you nurture as an employer will grow and have overwhelming positive effects on your entire organization–which is particularly important to the culture of your care community, both for employees AND those you care for. Employee recognition done right leads to engaged employees that have increased job satisfaction and better employer and employee relationships with more organic teamwork. The results are impactful: increased employee retention, higher engagement, increase quality of care, and an improved patient experience.

We can work with your organization to integrate a platform for staff recognition—uniquely flavoring the “secret sauce” of your company culture—which enhances employee engagement and retention, patient experience, and quality of care.

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