Ceca’s Philosophy

One thing is abundantly clear in healthcare: Organizations can never do enough to give thanks to their team members.

The lack of recognition or the absence of feeling appreciated is often a catalyst for employee turnover in the healthcare industry. This can lead to higher costs, disengaged employees, and ultimately, decreased quality of care.

At Ceca, we believe:

  • All employees have a fundamental need for appreciation
  • To reach their full potential, feeling a sense of belonging is critical for employees from both teammates and their employer
  • Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful motivator to honor co-workers and encourage engagement
  • Engaged employees perform at higher levels
  • Improved care and experience results from employees having a positive attitude

We can work with your organization to integrate a platform for staff recognition—uniquely flavoring the “secret sauce” of your company culture—which enhances employee engagement and retention, patient experience, and quality of care.

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