Volunteer with Ceca Foundation and
Celebrate Healthcare Workers!

Are you looking for a way to get involved in your community, improve local healthcare services, and build meaningful relationships with caregivers, and the sick or elderly? Ceca Volunteers are an essential part of Ceca’s Caregiver Award Program, designed to engage, recognize, and reward exceptional healthcare workers at partner nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, and physical rehabilitation centers.

The Ceca Award

What does a Ceca Volunteer do?

As a volunteer, you’ll serve as a Ceca Award Advisory Panelist on a Selection Panel at a neighborhood healthcare facility representing Ceca (which stands for “celebrating caregivers”) and have the opportunity to review touching nominations for the Ceca Award. These nominations consist of inspiring stories of exceptional patient and resident care provided by staff and community members. Volunteers assist in selecting Ceca Award recipients for their outstanding caregiving contributions and get the opportunity to celebrate them at the healthcare facility’s award celebration.


How can I become a Ceca Award Advisory Panelist?

We are currently looking for volunteers for many of our Healthcare Partner facilities located throughout the country.

We want our volunteers to engage and connect with the patients or residents and staff at their assigned healthcare facility. That way, the relationships you create become more meaningful and Ceca Award Honorees can be a reflection of that connection. As a result, we ask volunteers to commit to at least one year of service.

Time Commitment and Requirements: Volunteers will spend approximately 2-4 hours each award cycle (including travel time) reading about the exceptional acts of caregivers at our Partner organization and attending the Selection Panel (sometimes a call or remotely) and Award Ceremony (on-site) at the facilities. Any extra time spent interacting with community members and encouraging participation in the Award process is a bonus and at your discretion!

Volunteers must be age 18 and older, have upbeat personalities, ability to travel to and from your assigned facility, and be comfortable in a healthcare environment. Note, background checks may be required to volunteer with Ceca or certain partners of ours.


If you are interested in volunteering with Ceca at one of our Healthcare Partners, please fill out the application below, and someone will get back to you soon. For general questions about volunteering, email us at volunteers@cecafoundation.org.

Volunteer Application