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It’s More Than Just a Job

Featuring: Barba Kargbo, Housekeeping Aide, Potomac Falls Health and Rehabilitation Center In 1991, a brutal civil war began sweeping through Sierra Leone. It would last eleven years—forcing tens of thousands from their homes, and creating a new...

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Born a Caregiver

Featuring: Juanell Glotzbach, Activities Director, Knollwood Life Plan Community We’ve all done it. We can’t remember words, or why we came into the room, or where we parked the car, and before we know it, we’re at the keyboard searching for...

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A Moving Moment With a Veteran

Featuring: Bernadette Leggett, Unit Clerk, Stoddard Baptist Global Care Supporting a Veteran resident through a PTSD episode—“Just squeeze my hand, I promise we’ll get through this together.” You never really know what’s going to trigger a...

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Signs of Caregiver Burnout 

Did you know that the concept of “burnout” was created specifically for caregivers? Today it’s used in all industries and in work and personal life, but the origin of the word was designated to nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers in the 1970’s....

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We Get the Job Done

Featuring: Denise Watson, Patient Care Technician, Doctor's Community Medical Center (formerly Doctor's Community Hospital) “Immigrants. We get the job done.” - Miranda This line from the record-breaking musical Hamilton, consistently gets...

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The Time is Now

Nate's Care Corner During the first few months of the pandemic, people around the world saw rising infection totals and people dying. For many, panic was setting in and things looked bad, to say the least. But, eventually, we all came to understand...

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Leading in a Year Like No Other

Featuring Margo Buda, Knollwood Life Plan Community For Margo Buda, RN, the year 2020 began like any other year at Knollwood, a life plan community in Washington, D.C. serving military officers and government officials and their families. It...

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